Correcting droopy eyelids as you age

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Hooded eyes can be a sexy and mysterious feature when you are young, but some people find as they age that their eyelids droop too far and start to impede their vision. This can be embarrassing and can stop people from doing the activities that they enjoy. Luckily a simple eyelid surgery can reduce the excess skin on the eyelid and make it much easier to see.

Here are the steps in getting eyelid reduction, 


The first step is to get a diagnosis from a plastic surgeon to determine if this is an issue with excess eyelid skin. In some cases, loose skin or impeded vision can be caused by another issue such as a melanoma on the eyelid. If the issue is excess skin then the plastic surgeon can assess if a blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction) is practical. If this is needed for a medical reason it can often be claimed on medicare or private health insurance. 


The surgeon will place the patient under general anesthetic and trim the skin and excess fat from around the eyes. The patients can have this as a day surgery if it is relatively minor, although some surgeons prefer patients to wait and spend a night in hospital to assess the overall swelling and make sure there has been no impediment to blood flow around the sinuses and eyes and ensure that the patient can see and breathe normally.

Recovery and relaxation

Following surgery, there can be a degree of swelling and bruising. It can be a good idea to schedule some downtime and support during the recovery period as many people suffer some discomfort and need to rest more than normal while recovering from eyelid surgery. There is usually a follow-up meeting with the surgeon in the week following surgery to assess the recovery and to ensure that the patient is starting to get back to normal function. Often using some light pain relief and cooling eye pads can help the patient to feel as comfortable as possible during their recovery. 

If you are feeling uncomfortable due to excess eyelid skin it can be worth getting a diagnosis from a plastic surgeon. They can assess if you would benefit from a blepharoplasty and give you some feedback on your likely future if you do or do not get the surgery. Many patients find blepharoplasty a life changing experience as it allows them to have clearer vision and a more youthful appearance. 


12 January 2017

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