Three FAQs About Laser Prostate Surgery

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When a patient presents with moderate to severe urinary symptoms, a doctor orders some tests, including one for a possible enlarged prostate. If benign prostatic hyperplasia is the cause of urinary symptoms, a doctor orders laser prostate surgery. The procedure is excellent at shrinking or removing excess tissues since a scope targets laser energy to an enlarged prostate. Notably, most patients know little about laser prostate surgery; therefore, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the basics.

14 January 2022

Using a Physiotherapist to Support Your Return to Training

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Whether it's due to an injury or illness, missing your usual training for a while can make your return feel daunting. At the same time, you probably want to experience the highs that come with completing sessions and the lifestyle benefits. If you want to make training safe again, consider using a physiotherapist to support your return. Faster Recovery Your physiotherapist will assess the current state of your injury and make further recovery recommendations if necessary.

10 August 2021

Is the State of Your Oral Health Indicative of a Potential Medical Condition?

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For many people, the scope of good oral health encompasses having dazzling white teeth that are perfectly aligned. And while everyone wants a brilliant smile, you should know that this is not the extent of good oral health. The condition of your gums, teeth and even your tongue will not only have a massive influence on your overall wellbeing, but their condition could also be signalling a yet undiagnosed medical condition that needs to be attended by a professional.

10 March 2021

What You Should Know When Searching for A Family Dentist

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Observing good dental hygiene and health allows you to comfortably continue using your mouth to eat, drink, talk and smile. These are vital functions required in your daily life. You might not even be able to survive without some of them; for example, eating and drinking. To guarantee good dental hygiene and health, you need to at least brush and floss your teeth twice a day (in the morning and evening) and visit a dentist for teeth inspection and advice regularly and when you notice issues.

6 October 2020

Why Blood In Your Urine Is Always Serious

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It can be easy to write off a bit of blood from a small scrape or cut on the outside of your body, and seeing a little bit of blood in your urine might bring up those same feelings of a not-so-serious problem. However, when it comes to blood in your pee there is always a serious reason that requires medical attention. Even if you just see it one time you should make sure to go and get checked by your primary care physician, and here are a few reasons why.

20 May 2020

Vascular ultrasound 101

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An ultrasound uses sound waves to visualize different parts of the different body systems in people and animals. If your physician orders a vascular ultrasound, it means he or she wants to get a closer look at your circulatory system — the system that transports blood throughout the body — such as the arteries, veins and heart. Here is what you should know about this procedure. Does a vascular ultrasound have risks or hurt?

30 October 2019

Preparing for Pre Employment Medicals

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Pre employment medicals are undertaken as part of the recruitment process to determine suitability of potential employees for the roles they applied for. The physical and psychological demands of roles vary, and the risks employees are exposed to in the workplace also vary from one industry to another. Employers make every effort to mitigate these risks in an attempt to ensure that illness or injury to themselves and fellow employees are prevented.

17 January 2017

How to Handle Neck Pain

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Necks are a sensitive part of the body and you should not treat neck pain lightly. If you experience neck pain, then always consider obtaining a professional medical opinion or visiting a chiropractor for advice. Nevertheless, many of us can help our necks by paying attention to our lifestyles and making a few changes which will allow for improvements. Fed up of neck pain? Take a look at what you could be doing to make it better.

16 January 2017

How A Hearing Aid Could Improve Your Quality of Life, Not Just Your Hearing

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Hearing loss can adversely affect many aspects of your life. Not being able to hear clearly can damage your relationships, put you at risk in emergencies, and affect how well you are able to carry out your job. Here are some very good reasons why you should consider seeking medical advice and getting yourself fitted with a hearing aid if you think your hearing is starting to deteriorate. Your mental health

16 January 2017

How To Beat Sleep Apnea Naturally

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Sleep disorders including sleep apnea affect over 1.5 million Australians. More worryingly, 80% of these people have not been diagnosed. Sleep apnea, though, is a dangerous sleep disorder that you can't afford to ignore. How Sleep Apnea Occurs The disorder occurs when the throat muscles relax too much when someone is sleeping; this narrows the windpipe and restricts airflow. The body reacts by initiating mechanisms that help in pulling in more air.

13 January 2017