A Guide on How To Plan Home Care


Providing home care is often a fulfilling task. However, given that you do not have any caregiving experience, you are prone to making mistakes that could affect your loved one's health or make them uncomfortable. However, several interventions can help improve the success of home care services. Continue reading to find out what they are. Make the Home Senior Friendly  Your loved one could develop mobility issues due to aging or illness.

6 June 2022

Three FAQs About Laser Prostate Surgery

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When a patient presents with moderate to severe urinary symptoms, a doctor orders some tests, including one for a possible enlarged prostate. If benign prostatic hyperplasia is the cause of urinary symptoms, a doctor orders laser prostate surgery. The procedure is excellent at shrinking or removing excess tissues since a scope targets laser energy to an enlarged prostate. Notably, most patients know little about laser prostate surgery; therefore, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the basics.

14 January 2022