3 Memory Problems That Could Be a Sign of Dementia


People with dementia usually develop some memory problems as their condition progresses. In fact, a loss of memory can be one of the first signs that something is wrong. If you have concerns that a relative or friend might be developing dementia, then thinking about changes to their memory can help you work out if they have a problem. What kinds of issues should you look out for? 1. Short-Term Memory Loss

27 December 2019

Vascular ultrasound 101

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An ultrasound uses sound waves to visualize different parts of the different body systems in people and animals. If your physician orders a vascular ultrasound, it means he or she wants to get a closer look at your circulatory system — the system that transports blood throughout the body — such as the arteries, veins and heart. Here is what you should know about this procedure. Does a vascular ultrasound have risks or hurt?

30 October 2019