Travel Advice for Businesspeople Heading to Singapore

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Largely due to the free trade agreement that exists between Singapore and Australia, there are a great number of business trips that are undertaken each year to the country by Australians. Although Singapore is a highly developed country with extremely low crime rates—especially concerning visiting businesspeople and tourists—there are a number of things to take into account ahead of any intended trip.

Entry and Exit

All adult Australian citizens are required to have a scan of their thumbprint taken on every occasion that they enter and exit Singapore. If you register your thumbprints via the authorities' bio-screen upon arrival, it is then possible to make use of the automated self-clearance system when exiting which speeds things up. You must ensure that your passport has at least six months left to run in order to enter the country.

Health Matters

Due to the risk of mosquito-borne diseases in this part of southern Asia, it is highly advisable to consider a set of vaccinations before travelling. Medical services should be sought at least eight weeks prior to travel. Additional advice should be asked for if you are pregnant, due to the problem of the Zika virus in Singapore. Although Singapore enjoys high-quality medical facilities, it is worth taking out your own travel insurance. During the early spring, Singapore tends to suffer from hazy smog which means that people with respiratory conditions should consider travelling at other times of the year.

Working Legally

If you are visiting clients, making presentations or attending a conference, then you won't need a work permit. Taking some goods into the country to sell, such as e-cigarettes, is banned, although you may take in such devices for your own use. Crimes like extortion and falsifying public documents, such as visas, are punishable by law and could result in a caning in some cases. If you intend to work in Singapore, perhaps on a secondment to a business that is based there, then it is a legal requirement that you apply for and hold a valid work permit before travelling.

Terror Threats

Unfortunately, there is a risk of terrorism in Singapore. If your business means that you will need to be entering and exiting government buildings, which are considered potential targets, then you should exercise caution. Stick to the main tourist areas in central Singapore and you should remain safe. The police may require you to look into your bags if you are heading to a large public event, so be prepared for this possibility.


21 December 2016

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