Covering scarring with a cosmetic tattoo


If a person has severe scarring to their face or another part of their body, this usually leads to their scar tissues remaining a shiny pink texture and not taking on the same skin tone and colour as the surrounding area. This can be an source of embarrassment to the scarred person, so there is a growing movement to correct the colour balance on the scarred tissue. Here are some ways that people are using cosmetic tattooing to deal with facial burns. 

Matching burn tone to skin tone

The scars for burn victims are often a 'pinky' red tone which can stand out a lot on people who have a naturally olive or pale skin tone. One of the most basic types of tattooing is to implant some ink in the scar region so that the scar is a similar colour and tone to the surrounding area. 

Recreating natural skin tone differences and definition 

In facial burning, another issue can be that natural changes and variations in skin tone can be lost creating an unnaturally smooth appearance. Skin tattooing can recreate features such as lips and cheek colour to create some natural definition in the face. Many burn victims like that this makes their face more natural and less attention-grabbing in public spaces. 

Recreating facial features

In severe burn sitations, some facial features such as eyebrows, eyelashes and other features may be lost. Hair often doesn't grow back in these spaces which can make people feel self-conscious, particularly if the burns are on one side of the face and create an asymmetric appearance. Cosmetic tattooing, particularly the lighter 'feathering' style of tattooing can create a very light and natural tattoo that looks like natural hair growth. For men who like to grow a beard or moustache, the tattooing can recreate the appearance of hair growth and fill any visual gaps in the growth.

Tattooing can also be used to create some appearance of definition in the face, such as using slightly darker tones along the side of the nose and in the cheeks to create the appearance of a defined face if this has been lost in the burn. 

There are a range of options for burn victims to get some extra definition in their face and replace the appearance of lost facial features with tattoos. It is mportant to consult with an experienced tattooist as the process involves tattooing sensitive scar tissues and can be uncomfortable if not performed correctly. 


10 January 2017

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