Two reasons to book an eye exam now


If you don't have any medical conditions which predispose you to ocular problems, going for eye exams once every two years should be enough to keep your eyes healthy. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis,  it is not advisable to wait that long to have your eyes checked; instead, you should book an appointment with your optometrist as soon as possible. Cloudy vision or light sensitivity

10 January 2017

Travel Advice for Businesspeople Heading to Singapore

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Largely due to the free trade agreement that exists between Singapore and Australia, there are a great number of business trips that are undertaken each year to the country by Australians. Although Singapore is a highly developed country with extremely low crime rates—especially concerning visiting businesspeople and tourists—there are a number of things to take into account ahead of any intended trip. Entry and Exit All adult Australian citizens are required to have a scan of their thumbprint taken on every occasion that they enter and exit Singapore.

21 December 2016

How robotic surgery can help you to recover more quickly and comfortably from vascular surgery

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Human hands can perform delicate tasks, but in the newest iterations of surgery, robotic tools are helping to further refine and improve surgical techniques. Here are some of the ways that robotic surgery is helping to transform vascular surgery.  Placement of valves Robotic surgery can help surgeons to place a valve in the correct position by letting them insert an expandable valve (often known as a stent) into an artery to expand a collapsed artery.

19 December 2016

Pregnancy Ultrasound - What To Expect

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Ultrasounds are carried out during pregnancy to enable medical professionals to monitor the development of your baby and to highlight any problems.  So what can you expect when you attend for an ultrasound scan?  Read on for a helpful overview. How many scans will you need? If your pregnancy is normal, you will be offered two scans.  The first usually takes place between 8 to 14 weeks and the second from 18 to 21 weeks.

19 December 2016

Purple Leg Veins — Treatment Options

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Purple leg veins are something that many men and women develop as they age. These varicose veins are unsightly and can also be painful. But what can you do about the dreaded 'purple snakes'? Read on to find out how a vascular surgeon could help you. The causes of varicose veins Varicose veins are formed when the valves inside the veins are damaged. This prevents efficient blood flow back to the heart and causes a build-up of pressure inside the venous network.

19 December 2016

Make A Conscious Lolly Choice

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Halloween is just around the corner. While traditionally a North American holiday, it is growing in popularity each year in Australia. As the popularity of this holiday grows, so do the number of trick-or-treaters coming to the door. As a mum yourself, you probably worry about the amount of tooth decay you are contributing to when handing out lollies. However, you're also not likely keen on having your house egged because you gave out a healthy fruit option instead.

28 October 2016

How To Get Your Child Excited About Dental Health Through Constructive Play

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The importance of a healthy mouth needs to be taught to your child while they are still young. By cultivating proper ways to brush and care for your teeth at a young age, your child will develop these habits early on and carry them through to adulthood. Teaching the importance of a clean mouth will also help to ensure your child never ends up in the dentist chair for cavities or gum disease.

26 September 2014