What Is It about Your Smile That You're Not Happy with?

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You may be finally ready to take action and do something about your smile. You may after all have been living a self-conscious life, constantly worried about your appearance. Perhaps you've even been putting your hand in front of your mouth when you laugh, so people could not see your teeth. Yet what is it that you're not happy about? How can you and your dentist determine the best course of action for you now?

10 January 2017

How To Get Your Child Excited About Dental Health Through Constructive Play

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The importance of a healthy mouth needs to be taught to your child while they are still young. By cultivating proper ways to brush and care for your teeth at a young age, your child will develop these habits early on and carry them through to adulthood. Teaching the importance of a clean mouth will also help to ensure your child never ends up in the dentist chair for cavities or gum disease.

26 September 2014

Tips for Preventing Early Childhood Tooth Decay

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Your young child's teeth are vital to many aspects of their growth and development, including speech and the eventual placement of their secondary, permanent teeth. Taking excellent care of your child's primary teeth from the start will ensure the best chances of avoiding early childhood caries, and keep those pearly whites healthy and clean. Let's look at a few tips for preventing early childhood tooth decay: Parental Dental Health Your child does not have any bacteria in their mouth that causes tooth decay when they are born.

23 September 2014