What You Should Know When Searching for A Family Dentist

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Observing good dental hygiene and health allows you to comfortably continue using your mouth to eat, drink, talk and smile. These are vital functions required in your daily life. You might not even be able to survive without some of them; for example, eating and drinking.

To guarantee good dental hygiene and health, you need to at least brush and floss your teeth twice a day (in the morning and evening) and visit a dentist for teeth inspection and advice regularly and when you notice issues. Here are some important things you need to consider when looking for a family dentist:

Members of Your Family

How big is your family? Is it just you and your spouse, or do you have children as well? Do you also live with your parents? These are important factors to consider because they determine the kind of dental services you might require. What does this mean?

If you have children, it means you might require a paediatric dentist (a dentist who treats children's teeth). You have two options: to choose two dentists, one who specialises in adult dental care and the other a paediatric dentist, or to choose one family dentist, who is qualified to treat both children and adults. Additionally, find out whether the dentist offers teeth alignment, filing, root canal, teeth whitening and teeth cleaning treatments. These are the kinds of dental treatments that a growing child or even an adult may require.

If you live with your parents, you might want to consider whether the dentist offers services like dentures and dental implants. Older people experience age-related tooth loss and might require dentures or dental implants.

Does The Dentist Offer Dental Emergency Services?

A dental emergency is a case that can be divided into two categories:

A major dental emergency

This is where you are in severe pain, bleeding profusely or have severe swelling. Some of these cases result from impact to your mouth area from a sport or accident. To be in a position to treat such cases, your dentist needs to have the necessary equipment or dental tools and also have trained staff. Without these requirements, the dentist cannot offer emergency dentist services.

A minor dental emergency

In this case, you are neither bleeding severely nor have severe swelling. You can, however, be in pain. These are those dental emergency cases that need to be treated as soon as possible to either prevent permanent damage or extensive or highly invasive treatment options.

Reach out to a family dentist for more information. 


6 October 2020

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