Why Blood In Your Urine Is Always Serious

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It can be easy to write off a bit of blood from a small scrape or cut on the outside of your body, and seeing a little bit of blood in your urine might bring up those same feelings of a not-so-serious problem. However, when it comes to blood in your pee there is always a serious reason that requires medical attention. Even if you just see it one time you should make sure to go and get checked by your primary care physician, and here are a few reasons why.

Eliminating Obvious Causes

More often then not your doctor will test you for a urinary tract infection or kidney stones. These sorts of conditions are rarely major issues but they can still cause blood in the urine, and they can be quite painful if not dealt with quickly. Trying to figure out treatment for these issues without seeing a doctor is a minefield. However, if treatments for these conditions do not work, or your sample comes back negative for them, then your condition could stem from cancer or benign tumours. 

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Bladder cancer is not one of the most common types of cancer but every year about 3,000 Australians are diagnosed with it. Often the first sign is blood in the urine, from which you will likely follow the previously laid out pathway to this point. Then you will often have an ultrasound which is virtually always followed by a cystoscopy, which is a procedure where a small metal device is inserted into the bladder via the urethra. Most of the time the cancer is in situ, which means located within the walls of the bladder, and can be scraped off by the cystoscopy. 

Follow Up Treatment

After the initial bladder cancer treatment, you will likely have the BCG vaccine applied directly into your bladder. This vaccine arouses your immune system to fight off any regrowth of cancer. If the cancer is not purely located within your bladder then more serious operations will be needed to fight it off. You will be given a schedule of appointments where you will be checked for progress and you may need a few more cystoscopies. Bladder cancer treatment is very effective when it is performed in this initial stage, which is why it is so vital that you always go to your doctor if you notice any blood in your urine.

For more information about bladder cancer treatment, contact a doctor.


20 May 2020

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