What Makes the Rowing Machine Such an Effective Fitness Tool?


There are plenty of exercise machines that you can choose from when you enter gyms, and each one is going to bring its own unique benefits. However, few machines are going to be quite as advantageous as the rowing machine. Unfortunately, the rowing machine is often somewhat neglected since it can be hard to get into the right rhythm and doesn't seem quite as straightforward to use as something like the treadmill.

Be that as it may, you should certainly start incorporating the rowing machine into your exercise regime.

The Perfect Blend of Cardio and Resistance

As most gym-goers will know, exercises can be generally broken down into two categories: cardiovascular and resistance. Cardiovascular exercises include running on the treadmill or cycling on the stationary bike; they get your heart pumping and mainly aim to improve your cardiovascular system. Resistance exercises include bicep curls and press-ups; usually done in sets of 8-12 reps, resistance exercises get you pumped and aim mainly to improve muscular strength and/or size.

The magic of the rowing machine is that it offers both cardio and resistance. Your whole body will move during a single revolution, so the rower is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. At the same time, you'll be using your whole body to 'row' against resistance, so the rower can also help keep you lean and strong.

The Perfect Blend of Lower and Upper Body Work

As well as delivering a fantastic combination of cardio and resistance, the rowing machine is one of the very few exercise machines that can work muscles hard across your whole body. Most machines, such as the treadmill, really only work the legs, while most lifting moves isolate just one part of the body.

In stark contrast, almost every muscle in the body is worked while rowing. The shoulders, arms, back and chest are all working across the upper body. The main leg muscles are all activated in the lower body. The core is needed to maintain stability through each row.

With so many muscles working at once, plus the cardiovascular benefits, rowing can be an incredible fat burner.

Low Impact Exercise

And let's not forget that rowing is easy on the joints. People who are heavier or those who have joint issues often find it hard to use cardiovascular machines like the treadmill since the joints need to absorb too much impact; people may also have trouble completing weightlifting moves that isolate just one muscle if too much weight is brought to bear on one joint.  Rowing is a low impact exercise, so it can be completed by most people without risking injury.


16 January 2017

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