How to Handle Neck Pain

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Necks are a sensitive part of the body and you should not treat neck pain lightly. If you experience neck pain, then always consider obtaining a professional medical opinion or visiting a chiropractor for advice. Nevertheless, many of us can help our necks by paying attention to our lifestyles and making a few changes which will allow for improvements.

Fed up of neck pain? Take a look at what you could be doing to make it better...

Cool your neck down with an ice pack

Sometimes neck pain is down to an inflammation which might be caused by something like a neck muscle having been put under strain. Like other muscular injuries, a cooling effect will allow the inflammation to recede. A pack of peas taken from the freezer and placed on the affected area for twenty minutes or so can be helpful and lessen neck pain. Remove the ice pack for forty minutes and then re-apply it.

Avoid turning your neck too far

When the neck is in pain it can be that you lose the natural movement that you would normally expect. Although worrying, this is common because the body is restricting movement to prevent you exacerbating an injury. Don't put yourself in situations where your neck has to turn a great deal. Avoid driving in traffic where you might need to turn your neck to see out of the window, for instance. Hold your phone to your ear rather than pinning it there with your shoulder.

Take steps to reduce stress

Being stressed out can cause muscles in the shoulders and neck to tighten up. You may not even notice that this is happening, but it is a normal human reaction to stress and is part of the fight or flight syndrome. If you de-stress your life, then back and neck pain can lessen dramatically. Try some gentle exercise to release natural endorphins which mitigate stress. A few minutes of mindful meditation each day can also lead to a reduction in stress and many people find this to be a beneficial way forward.

Focus on your sleeping position

A good posture is important when working, but don't forget the position of your neck when sleeping either. Make sure the neck is supported by your pillow being placed underneath it. It is not just for your head. Firm pillows are better for necks than softer ones and orthopaedic pillows are available which can truly support your neck.


16 January 2017

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