How A Hearing Aid Could Improve Your Quality of Life, Not Just Your Hearing

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Hearing loss can adversely affect many aspects of your life. Not being able to hear clearly can damage your relationships, put you at risk in emergencies, and affect how well you are able to carry out your job.

Here are some very good reasons why you should consider seeking medical advice and getting yourself fitted with a hearing aid if you think your hearing is starting to deteriorate.

Your mental health

If you can't hear clearly, you could find yourself feeling cut-off from society and may feel unable to mix socially. This can lead to feelings of depression, sadness and even paranoia. Hearing loss in ageing people has also been linked to mental and impaired cognitive conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

You may also find it difficult to carry out every-day simultaneous tasks if you are struggling to hear. For example, you could find that you can't concentrate on what someone is saying to you, as well as preparing a meal. This is because your focus is split between trying to work out what the person is saying and carrying out a physical task at the same time.

Your relationships

If you become depressed because you can't hear clearly, you may also become withdrawn and anxious, causing your relationships to suffer. People around you will become frustrated and irritated that you can't hear them, leading to arguments and stress, and further exacerbating your own mental issues.

In your working environment, you may find that you are slower in carrying out tasks than your colleagues or you may not hear instructions correctly, leading you to making mistakes. If you work in a potentially hazardous occupation, you may be unable to hear emergency alarms, making your working environment potentially more dangerous.

 If your performance at work suffers because you can't hear properly, you could find yourself overlooked for promotions, and you could even face losing your job altogether.

A hearing aid could save your quality of life

Hearing loss usually happens very gradually and many people just ignore it and battle on. This means that many people who could really benefit from wearing a hearing aid don't have one.

For the reasons outlined above, if you think that your hearing is becoming worse, it's really important that you seek medical advice from a hearing professional or from your family doctor. A hearing aid could not only improve your hearing and reconnect you with society and the people that you love, it could dramatically improve your quality of life.


16 January 2017

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