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Halloween is just around the corner. While traditionally a North American holiday, it is growing in popularity each year in Australia. As the popularity of this holiday grows, so do the number of trick-or-treaters coming to the door. As a mum yourself, you probably worry about the amount of tooth decay you are contributing to when handing out lollies. However, you're also not likely keen on having your house egged because you gave out a healthy fruit option instead. To solve this dilemma, consider purchasing plenty of these two snacks to keep the trick-or-treaters happy.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the perfect choice for trick-or-treat bags because it's a healthy type of chocolate. The kids don't care whether it is healthy or not, as long as they're getting chocolate. When you choose dark chocolate as an option, you give the following two benefits:

  • Unlike toffee and other chewy lollies, dark chocolate does not stick to the teeth.
  • Dark chocolate has high amounts of cocoa in it, and this means it also contains a large amount of tannin, which is beneficial when it comes to oral health as it helps to reduce both enamel erosion and tooth decay.

By handing out small dark chocolate bars to your visitors, you can feel comfortable that this item will not do as much damage to the teeth.

Sugar-Free Lollies

When you head down to the supermarket to purchase lollies to hand out, you should also look for sugar-free options. Many lollies such as caramels and fruit drops are available as a sugar-free option. Children don't know these products are sugar-free as they generally taste the same as the ones that do.

However, bear in mind that just because sugar-free lollies have less sugar, it does not mean that they can be eaten en masse without harm to kid's teeth. They do contain higher levels of acid than standard candy because these acids provide the flavour.

When it comes to your own trick-or-treaters, allow them to indulge in a few lollies once they get home from their door-knocking excursions. After they've had a few pieces, wait one hour for the enamel to harden up again before you send them off to brush their teeth before bed. You can't police everybody's dental habits, but by following these tips you can reduce the amount of dental decay that occurs during this one sugar-filled night.

Talk with a dentist at a clinic like Dental Smile Clinic if you have more questions about helping children keep healthy teeth while still enjoying sweet treats.


28 October 2016

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I have tried to quit smoking three times over the last few years, but it never really stuck. My mother just got diagnosed with lung cancer, and it's given me the wakeup call that I have been waiting for. I have quit smoking again, but this time I spoke to my doctor before I started and it's made a lot of difference. He organised some nicotine replacement products and counselling to help me quit for good this time. I have started this blog to let people know how much easier it is to quit when your doctor is helping you.